Make Yourself at Home presents a guide to developing a Christian community that meets the deepest spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical needs of its people. In this book, you’ll be encouraged to know and embrace the “one another” commands centered on loving, praying for, serving, and accepting each other. Each chapter shares Scripture and illustrations, along with practical suggestions to help you apply these commands to everyday living. Discover how you can cultivate the heart of the church—to keep the light shining, and show the world the reality of Christ’s love.

AVAILABLE TODAY:  Make Yourself at Home

About Ray and Kay:

Ray earned a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Seminary in Deerfield, Illinois. He is the co-author of The Retool Kit Pathway and works with colleagues at Pinnacle Ministries in Mosinee, Wisconsin, to help struggling churches in the United States, Japan, and the Philippines. Ray served as the director of church relations and later as executive vice president of Converge Worldwide. Married for 43 years, Ray and Kay have four children and seven grandchildren. The ages of their grandchildren range from two years to twenty years.

Together, Ray and Kay have written Make Yourself at Home: Discovering the Heart of the Church.  Published by Discovery House Publishers, this book is now available in paperback and on Kindle.                

Kay  holds a degree in elementary education and a masters in pastoral counseling. She and her husband, Raymond, have 40 years of ministry experience and have planted churches in the United States and France. Kay is a counselor and certified women’s ministry specialist, and has served as the director of women’s ministry for Converge MidAmerica. Spending time with her grandchildren is her greatest joy. Kay is a counselor at Compass Christian Counseling in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. To contact Kay for an appointment you can email her at 

She is the author of the book A Grandmother’s Prayers.